I want to join a motivated team of land stewards that think spatially and work collaboratively to enhance the environment and society at various scales. Passionate about promoting geographic literacy and awareness to my clients and members of the community.


University of California, Davis. 2021-Present

  • Master of Arts in Geography

National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG). 2020.

  • Introduction to Incident Command Systems (ICS-100).
  • Introduction to National Incident Management Systems (IS-700).
  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist Introductory Course (S-341).
  • NWCG Standards for Geospatial Operations (PMS 936).

Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI).Redlands, CA. 

  • Training plan: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Wildfire GIS Specialists. 2020.
  • Using Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro. 2020.
  • Using Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Desktop. 2020.
  • Migrating from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Pro. 2019

Shasta College. Redding, CA. 

  • Business Law. Fall 2018. 3 Units.
  • GIS Projects – Wildfire Incident Mapping. Spring 2017. 1 Unit.

California State University Chico.Chico, CA. August 2011-May 2015. 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography with an Option in Physical and Environmental Geography. Dean’s List. 120 Units.
  • Certificate in Geographic Information Systems Technology. 21 Units.
  • Certificate in Rural and Town (Land Use and Environmental) Planning. 21 Units.


  • Outstanding Physical and Environmental Geography Student. Department of Geography and Planning, CSU Chico. 2015.
  • First Place Gold Award for Best Electronic Map, Web Cartography Map Competition. The International Map Industry Association and National Geographic. 2014
  • GIS Scholarship. United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. 2014.
  • Academic Scholarship. Educational Opportunity Program, CSU Chico. 2012.


  • Sacred Lands Native Hands 501(c)(3). Presentation: human geography of fire.
  • Record Searchlight Newspaper, Redding CA. 2019. Articles highlighting a geospatial analysis that modeled fire risk within Shasta County using vegetation height and density LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data.
  • Redding Area GIS Users Group, GIS Day 2019 panel and various school presentations.
  • The Union Newspaper. Various articles regarding City Council Candidacy for Nevada City, CA.


  • Board Member,San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association. 2019-Present. The purpose of this organization is to promote the environmental, social and economic well-being of the rural San Juan Ridge community located in Nevada County, California.
  • Member,Truckee Area GIS Users Group. 2019-Present.
  • Member,Yuba Watershed Institute. 
  • Secretary,California Cadastral Mapping Association. 2020. Served as notetaker and helped organize the annual Association meeting. Worked with the team to encourage rapport among GIS Analysts and Cadastral Drafting Technicians and track the technology shift from CAD to GIS for land parcel mapping.
  • Member, Mud and Pearls. North San Juan, CA. March 2020. Learned to operate and maintain a chainsaw while utilizing safe gear at the Women’s Chainsaw Workshop. Worked with fire ecologists to discuss the vegetation growth and prescribed fire regimes in our community.  
  • Volunteer Analyst,CSU Chico & California Department of Finance – Demographic Research Unit. Spring 2019. Collaborated with demographers, economists, planners, and faculty to identify data sources for the 2020 population estimates of Paradise, CA given the vacancy rates since the Camp Fire in 2018.
  • Secretary,Redding Area GIS Users Group (RAGU). August 2015-Present. Assisted in organization of GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week community events including school presentations, panel discussions, mapping activities and presentations to encourage camaraderie. 
  • Advisor,Shasta College – Geographic Information Systems Certificate Program Advisory Committee. August 2015-July 2019. This committee is an agglomeration of GIS professionals who make recommendations for the GIS certificate program; I participated as a scribe and provided updates regarding the GIS program’s social media campaigns and strategies. 
  • Member, FarNorCalGIS (Far North Regional GIS Council) renamed to North State GIS in 2019. August 2015-Present. 
  • Volunteer,Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, National Park Service. 2017-2019. Assisted biological science technicians with bat surveys and white-nose syndrome testing. Provided GIS support to ecologists during the Carr Fire. 
  • President:2014-2015. Vice President:2013-2014. Secretary:2011-2013. CSU Chico Geography Club, Chico CA. Organized fundraisers, recreational events for members, promoted the Department of Geography and Planning, and organized community service events.
  • Alumni Liaison:2015-Present. Student Liaison:Fall 2014-Spring 2015. Geography and Planning Advisory Board, Chico, CA. Served as student body representative, set up events to showcase career opportunities, organized mock interview events with various professionals, planned the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Department of Geography and Planning.
  • Volunteer,Broom Education and Eradication Program. Forest Ranch, CA. Spring 2014. Worked to eradicate the plant Spanish Broom using various tools. 
  • Intern,California Urban Stream Alliance. Chico, CA. Fall 2012-Spring 2015. Monitored water quality, channel width, temperature, and other parameters along Big Chico Creek.

Indigenous fire, pyrogeography, land ownership and effects of environmental management, human geography of fire, property boundary law, traditional ecological knowledge/wisdom, raster analysis, landscape ecology, fire ecology, cultural geography, geography of food, geopsychology, environmental psychology, rural community development and planning, cartography, natural and social disasters, housing and homelessness, geospatial awareness and technology, environmental law, demography. 


  • Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
  • Association of Environmental Planners
  • International Map Industry Association
  • Cape York Natural Resources Management 
  • American Association of Geographers
  • American Planning Association
  • California Cadastral Mapping Association

Pilates, tending to land, backpacking, painting, biking, cooking, reading, learning, wilderness preparedness and survival, creative writing, studying physical and cultural landscapes, aviation, drawing, driving, permaculture, history, assisting community, dissolving stereotypes, cats, listening to forests, prescribed fire, indigenous practices, historic maps.


Analytical – creative – problem solver – effective at communicating technical information – detail oriented – organized – adaptive – dedicated – determined – team player – passionate – hard worker – perseverant – resilient – innovative –

  • Ability to read, write, understand, and speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. Interest in California’s indigenous languages.
  • Innovative in methods to retrieve, store, analyze and present raster and vector data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. Tuned to emerging corporate and open source geospatial technologies.
  • Field data collection techniques, GPS data collection, botany. 
  • CEQA and NEPA compliance, environmental permitting.
  • Technology stack:
    • Megabyte Property Records System. Accela government software. 
    • AutoCAD, Map3D, and Civil3D to maintain survey-grade data through Coordinate Geometry (COGO).
    • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop: ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, ArcGlobe, and accompanying extensions. ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcSDE, versioning. ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Collector, Survey123, Drone2Map, Story Maps, Flexviewer. Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro. Utility Networks. 
    • Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Animate, Acrobat Pro.
    • Microsoft Office Professional and 365 – Word, Excel, Access, Visio, OneNote, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Server and 365 Administrator tools.
    • Comfortable in Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
    • QGIS, Geoserver, OpenLayers, OGR/GDAL, GeoJSON to visualize data. 
    • Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS), ENVI, R to perform statistical analyses and models.
    • Rapidlasso LAStools for LiDAR data processing. 
    • PostgreSQL for database management.
    • Languages: Python 2.7, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Model Builder, UML, XML, Arcade. WordPress.


GISS (Geographic Information Systems Specialist) – Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression Inc. DBA Deer Creek GIS.

July 2020 – Present. Henry Schleiger. 530.898.8153. 1100 Fortress St. Ste. 2, Chico CA 95973

  • Provided geospatial services and tools for emergency response throughout California. Arrived at incident management sites to set up a mobile server with various computer and plotting/printing equipment. Maintained hardware and software to ensure data was adequately stored throughout the incident. 
  • Worked with California and Federal Incident Management Teams to create and maintain several map products that enabled the first response decisions made by the Situation (Intelligence) Unit. Map products created during Wildfire incidents include Air Operations, Areas of Special Concern/Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Briefing, Damage Inspection/Assessment, Facilities, Fire History, Incident Action Plan, Infrared Information, Operations, Ownership-Land Status, Fire Progression, Suppression Repair and Rehabilitation, Structure Protection, and Transportation.
  • Provided technical support and geospatial guidance to other GISS’, Situation Leaders, Resource Advisors, and Field Observers. 
  • Worked 13-21 hour shifts in stressful, smoky, selfless conditions for weeks.
  • Became a certified GISS in summer 2020 after assisting in the Loyalton Incident, Santa Cruz Complex, Butte-Tehama-Glenn Complex, North Complex, Zogg Incident, and Castle Incident – part of the Sequoia National Forest Complex. 

Geographer– Mehraz Architecture.

February 2020 – Present. Arash Sereshki. 21481 Casey Ranch Road, Nevada City CA 95959. 

I tend to 6 acres of private land located in between rural USFS and BLM lands, in the Tahoe National Forest. I’ve designed restoration plans for a spring-fed creek and wet meadow, am preparing timber harvesting plans to thin the forest, writing grants to obtain funding for fire fuels reduction, and plan to focus on prescribing indigenous-cultural fire with ongoing monitoring. 

Geography Specialist – McCannical Ironworks Metal Fabrication.
February 2020 – Present. Cody McCann. 530.277.9425. Nevada City CA 95959

  • Assisted with property boundary research for the purpose of fence/gate installations. 
  • Learned to utilize surveying equipment, drive a mini excavator, and create trenches.
  • Researched methods to create maps on metal surfaces, and create Pilates machinery/equipment.
  • Learned the fundamentals of carpentry, welding, and masonry. Assisted with client management systems.

City Council Candidate – City of Nevada City, California. 

July 2020-November 2020. 

Organized a grassroots campaign to compete for a seat in City Council. This included the creation and maintenance of a public presence, website, social media accounts; and performance of spatial analyses to make canvassing efficient and identify opportunities to enhance the environment and community. 

  • Platform consisted of improved environmental management for wildfire safety/preparedness and public space utilization; economic development through historic district revitalization and business retention; and strengthening the community’s well-being and mental health based on Public Safety Power Shutoffs and the viral pandemic. 
  • Educated, guided, and supported by members of City Councils, Planning Commissions, Congressional District candidates, Assembly District candidates, and Board of Supervisors’ throughout rural cities and counties in Northern California.

GIS Analyst – County of Nevada, Office of the Assessor.

August 2019 – July 2020. 40+ hours/week. Christopher Lyon. 530.265.1232. 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City CA 95959

As the only GIS Analyst for the Assessor’s Office, I was responsible for the preparation of a variety of maps and reports. I utilized a number of resources to create, revise, maintain and interpret geographic information in support of property assessment and research. This position was a critical component to the successful completion of the Assessor’s trillion-dollar annual tax roll for Nevada County. I supported that departmental goal by routinely researching and analyzing historic recorded maps and documents to understand the evolution of property boundaries and ownership for accurate taxation. I migrated the county’s Assessor Parcel Maps and GIS Parcel Fabric to a new version and platform, then designed a workflow to continue the updates in GIS by utilizing legal descriptions, deeds, maps and other technical and legal documents that identify property boundaries and establish property ownership. I gained knowledge of real estate principles, surveying principles and practices; and assisted taxpayers by excelling in customer service and thorough solutions to inquiries – this included stepping outside of my duties to communicate with taxpayers who only spoke Spanish as I was the only diverse, Spanish-speaking member of the entire Assessor department.  

  • I collaborated with members of the Planning, Public Works, Environmental Health, County Counsel, Tax Collector, Sheriff, and LAFCo divisions, and worked closely with County Surveyor to: interpret discrepancies in legal descriptions; see the evolution of Assessor Parcel Number creation and boundary adjustments; and analyze historic maps, historic deeds, official surveys, and old townsite and mining maps throughout the County to ensure the correct pieces of land were transferred to the right owner/taxpayer.
  • Incorporated changes from historic linen/ink maps, Parcel Maps, Subdivision maps, Condominium Plans, Record of Surveys, road takes from the State Department of Transportation, Lot Line Adjustments, and Certificates of Compliance in order to modify the boundaries of tax parcels, easements, and rights-of-way to maintain the County’s Assessor Parcel Maps and Parcel Fabric GIS database. 
  • I created an upgraded version of the County’s Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro, migrating it from ArcGIS Desktop, and established a system for recording the versioned, replicated Enterprise GIS system so edits could be automatedly published to the online map services (MyNeighborhood/Employee Map Portal/Parcel Information Report). I defined goals to configure new web applications that would share these published data services in new programs for the Assessor’s office staff (appraisers, business property division, permit intake division).
  • I performed spatial analyses to dissolve the Assessor Map Book and Book Page boundaries in order to produce several internal paper maps that showed the Appraiser and Title Transfer divisions’ responsibility areas. The maps were a significant improvement to the workflow of the Appraiser division, as some people discovered responsibility areas they were unaware of, and were motivated to think spatially, critically, analytically, and more effectively. My supervisors were all ecstatic upon seeing how fast my GIS skills were able to create a valuable product that they needed for over 6 years. 
  • Conducted an ongoing feasibility study to track and summarize our data (project) counts that need to be reported to state agencies every year. Monitored the progress of our calendar year work to ensure all important projects were prioritized and completed timely to benefit the local municipalities and taxpayers. 
  • Redesigned our Assessor Parcel Maps so they could comply with the state requirements, be aesthetically pleasing, and communicate the appropriate information in a cartographically sound manner. Many of Nevada County’s maps were/are out of date so I developed techniques to automate the updates that would avoid audits and fines by the State Board of Equalization.
  • I performed an advanced range of analytical and programming duties without direction from my supervisors and had initiative to develop a 60+ page mapping curriculum that listed the things someone should know to succeed at this job; I was only handed three pages by my supervisor/predecessor. This curriculum drew from my knowledge in the State Board of Equalization’s Assessor Handbook 215: Mapping Standards, Subdivision Map Act, California Revenue and Taxation Codes, and specialized background in planning and designing workflows for organizations to succeed. 
  • Although the position was distinguished from the IS Manager in that it did not entail direct supervision of other GIS Analysts, my supervisor and I discussed recruitment of an intern to help me with the large workload, showing the trust and belief in my dedication, mentoring skills, and deep understanding of the way I organized the Nevada County Mapping System in the Assessor’s office. Despite the non-supervisory title, I still provided guidance, training, and directed other GIS Analysts to assist me with updates to the Parcel Fabric. I also introduced GIS concepts to my colleagues in the Assessor’s office and made presentations to educate them about mapping systems and recorded documents. This position had minimal supervision, I was expected to devise and execute my own workload. While working remotely, my supervisor and I had daily email check-ins and phone communication.

Geospatial Services Manager– ENPLAN Environmental Planning and Geospatial Technologies. 
January 2015-July 2019. 45+ hours/week. Randall Hauser. 530.221.0440. 3179 Bechelli Lane Ste 100, Redding CA 96002

  • As manager of this 30+ year organization, I oversaw all geospatial projects, led the geospatial efforts within environmental division, and mentored over 15 local and remote GIS Analysts, Programmers/developers/software engineers, and Environmental Planners and Scientists.
    • MapPort™ Web Map Services. Conceptualized a desktop and mobile application that hosts online subscription-based web map products including “Parcel Viewer” (property boundaries and ownership on an interactive map), “Wildfire Viewer” (map of live wildfire data from various sources), and private web maps for state, private, and federal entities. 
      • Business development. Monitored the evolution of cutting-edge open source GIS technology to identify opportunities for businesses to incorporate geospatial processes to their workflows. 
      • Organization structure. Developed methodologies for data acquisition, processing, organization, and visualization in support of map products. Innovated ways to use and share public data.
      • Gained 6000 online map subscribers in 2 years. Developed strong customer support systems.
    • Successfully, affordably, and timely delivered GIS projects to over 500 cities, counties, private landholders, and federal entities that consisted of data creation, manipulation, maintenance, and analysis for paper and digital map products.
      • Served as expert witness for attorneys representing the public in Siskiyou County. Worked with attorneys to produce map products used in City Council/Planning Commission meetings.  
      • Collaborated with the California State Auditor to perform GIS analyses in support of audit reports of state agencies. Audits included assessing equity of highway maintenance spending across varying socioeconomic and demographic areas in the Department of Transportation; analyzing the spatial distribution of pharmaceutical waste disposal sites for the Department of Public Health; and identifying Charter Schools that were not operating within their state assigned school districts.
    • Raster Analysis. 
      • Used LiDAR data to derive various spatial products for sale (DEM, DSM, Contours, Hillshade, Slope, TIN). 
      • Developed a fire hazard/risk analysis using LiDAR and Orthoimagery for the Shasta County metropolitan area. Derived canopy height and biomass density datasets and assessed ownership and land information to analyze patterns. 
      • Worked with hydrologists to create water flow models. Collaborated with Engineers and Surveyors in the collection and enhancement of spatial data.
  • Assisted Botanists, Biologists, Senior Environmental Planners and Scientists, and Archaeologists with various components of regulatory projects. Performed wetland delineation field surveys, wrote technical reports, and prepared jurisdictional waters maps. Helped prepare Initial Studies, Mitigated Negative Declarations, Environmental Impact Reports, Streambed Alteration Agreements and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.
  • Familiar with California Multiple Award Schedule product and service procurement, GSA, and Small Business Administration reporting and sales procedures. Managed and created contracts, cost schedules, budgets, scope of works, invoices, and methodologies. 
  • Served as IT leader to resolve problems with hardware and software across servers, printers, security systems, and computers.

Geography/GIS Specialist – Shasta College. Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District. 
December 2018-July 2019. 5 hours/week. Dan Scollon. 530.242.7500. 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding CA 96049

  • Promoted the online GIS Certificate program to increase student and class enrollment.
  • Created and maintained a social media campaign to represent the program. 
  • Made presentations in schools, collaborated with private organizations to promote employee education, and created events to promote GIS education.

GIS Research Assistant – Kuuku I’yu Northern Kaanju Ngaachi Indigenous Protected Area. 
June-July 2015. Don Hankins. Lot 16 Portland Roads Rd, Cape York Peninsula Queensland Australia.

  • This academic research consisted of collaborating with Aboriginal Landowners and researchers on an ongoing 15-year project that monitored the relationship between cultural fire prescription and plant and wildlife biodiversity. This was funded by CSU Chico, Stanford University, University of Wollongong, Charles Darwin University, and Non-Profit organizations.
  • Participated in the discovery and dating of 30,000-year-old rock art sites. 
  • Monitored survey plots to identify and map flora and fauna.
  • Attended the Cape York Natural Resources Management Indigenous Fire Workshop and received a certificate of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Fire Planning.

GIS Analyst– Geographical Information Center (GIC) at CSU-Chico Research Foundation. 
December 2013-May 2015. 20 hours/week. Peter Hansen. 530.898.4372. 35 Main Street, Chico CA 95929

  • Validated data in support of a Highway Performance Monitoring System for the Department of Transportation. 
  • Interpreted orthoimagery to map ponds of special concern in the California Delta for the Department of Water Resources. Worked with biologists to catalog past and present vegetation communities and agricultural production types along the Sacramento River using historic imagery. 
  • Reviewed and aggregated results of cellular broadband provider (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) connectivity data to support analyses for the Public Utilities Commission.

GIS Lab Student Assistant– Department of Geography and Planning, CSU Chico. 
February 2014-May 2015. 20 hours/week. Cathie Benjamin. 530.898.6171. 400 W 1st Street, Chico CA 95929

  • Maintained hardware, software, and resolved technical issues in the Geography department’s computer lab.
  • Assisted students with geography coursework and technology inquiries. Organized study groups. 
  • Collaborated with professors to organize course data on the department’s servers.


  • Designed logos for promotional banners and printed collateral. CSU Chico Multicultural and Gender Studies Program, Chico, CA. February-May 2014. 
  • Commissioned cartography. I hand draw and paint maps in watercolour and acrylic, and am exploring metal and wood surfaces.
  • Catering. Experience working in food trucks and catering large events. Specialization in ancestral, authentic Mexican cuisine from Irapuato, Guanajuato that is vegan and gluten-free. Knowledgable in preparing California-style Sushi. 
  • Pilates. I am creating an outdoor Pilates retreat center and working toward a certification in Mat Pilates. 
  • Interior Design. I’ve worked with architects and designers to create plans for renovating homes in CAD.